There are many advantages for restaurateurs to have their own restaurant APP and there are more and more payment options that companies dedicated to the development and management of these software and mobile applications give to their customers, but, despite the variants, these are summarized in two and revolve around the commissions.

What are commissions?

As we have already pointed out in some other occasion in our blog, commissions are the amount charged for carrying out commercial transactions with respect to a percentage of the total amount of the operation. For each order placed, in this case, the intermediary platform, receives a certain economic percentage.
With this in mind, we analyze the difference that currently exists between the commissions in a Marketplace and the commissions of a company with a fixed payment, as is the case of Banzzu.

Commission payment system

This system is mainly used in Marketplaces such as Glovo, Just Eat… where you can advertise your restaurant if you don’t have your own APP, or use it as another way to reach more customers.
The amount to be paid is based on a percentage of commissions that is applied for each order placed from the platform, this percentage is between 5% and 7% when it is an own APP created for the restaurant or 20%-40% with Marketplace.
This system has an important disadvantage, which is not knowing for sure how much you will pay month to month for having a digital ordering system.

Fixed payment system

In contrast to this, we find a fixed payment system without commissions, applied by companies such as Banzzu, in which you will be charged a fixed fee, regardless of the number of orders, which allows you not to worry about commissions that vary high percentages depending on orders, and that will also allow you to reduce costs and build customer loyalty through a personalized APP and continuously updated.

Real example of commissions

In order to understand it better, we end up using a real situation as an example of commission payment:
In the case of Marketplace with commissions, a restaurant that invoices “5,000€/month” counting on an average of 20% commissions, the amount to be paid per month is 1,000€.
Compared to this, we find in the fixed payment system without commissions, with a monthly amount ranging from € 34.95 to € 64.95, with which, compared to the commission system, the restaurant would be saving in costs per month € 965.05.