Hospitality and summer

Summer is one of the most profitable times of the year for the hospitality industry. The heat, the vacations mood and the good weather make bars and restaurants a prized destination for summer leisure. 

However, the characteristic climate of Spain can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the anticyclonic weather leads citizens to spend more time in bars and restaurants and, on the other hand, the high temperatures curb the desire to leave the house. Consequently, the clientele decreases and the optimal profits expected at this time of the year are diminished. 

In short, the hotelier must reinvent himself and look for formulas that allow him to continue to increase his profits, even when customers do not come to the premises.

How can the losses caused by the intense heat be recovered?

Hot Restaurant Banzzu

Betting on online ordering

In recent years, the hospitality industry has had to reinvent itself in order to maintain the profitability of a sector that has been affected by a variety of circumstances. Most recently, the covid-19 pandemic. 

Home confinement, continuous restrictions, as well as the fear of a certain part of the population to have direct contact with other people, has caused a change in the way of consumption in bars and restaurants. 

It is true that home ordering has been going on for years. However, most of them were carried out over the telephone. The customer would call the restaurant and place his order. Although the contact between restaurateur and customer through this method is closer, it is often misleading and tedious, both for the customer and the service person.

    Phone Ordering Banzzu

    New technologies and the continuous evolutionary process that society is undergoing, lead restaurant entrepreneurs to take seriously the integration of certain technological tools and, consequently, the digitization of their business. 

    The digitization process of a restaurant starts with an intuitive and optimal online ordering system so that the customer can order from home in the simplest and most efficient way possible. 

    Benefits of online ordering for the restaurateur

    The possibility of ordering from home, via one’s smartphone and without having to deal with possible saturation on telephone lines, translates into a very valuable asset for both the restaurateur and the customer. 

    The possession of an online and interactive menu gives rise to numerous benefits:

    1. Exponential revenue increase.

    The offer of an open and fully interactive menu, which can be viewed at any time, induces an increase in orders. The customer orders more than he originally intended to order.

    2. Elimination of order errors

    Errors caused by lack of understanding over the phone are a thing of the past. With a good online ordering system, all kinds of misunderstandings and human errors are avoided.

    3. Obtaining information 

    Online ordering systems allow you to know the tastes and ordering patterns of each customer. Thanks to the data provided by the online platform, the hotelier has the possibility of launching offers and using loyalty mechanisms.

    4. Reducing waiting time and increasing table turnover

    Digitalization brings instantaneousness. A digital menu can be modified at any time and from anywhere. 

    Likewise, a virtual, intuitive and interactive menu speeds up the ordering process, thereby reducing customer waiting time and increasing table turnover in the restaurant. 

    Online Ordering Banzzu

    Banzzu, an alternative for online ordering

    In 2021, the digitalization of restaurants has become an increasingly established reality. The new ways of life of society encourage restaurant entrepreneurs to make changes in their business model.

    In this sense, startups like Banzzu, are born to integrate into the new digitized society as intermediaries in this process, to facilitate as much as possible to the restaurateurs the integration of technology in their business.

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