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Your online orders without commission
Web & App integrated with your POS
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Banzzu is the best solution you will find to offer online ordering and payment in your restaurant.

NO commissions

Own and customisable Web & App

Build-in custom loyalty tools

Simple & intuitive with a fantastic support

Banzzu brings your restaurant closer to the new consuming habits of your customers

Your Web & App ready for online ordering
Take advantage of technology to optimise your restaurant with your own website and App.

Reach new customers, manage orders, create your interactive menu and…

much more with Banzzu!

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Why choose Banzzu?

✓ We are the alternative to the big platforms that charge high commissions per order.

✓ We have better prices than the competition and no commissions.

✓ We use the latest technology for greater customisation and adaptation to your needs.

✓ We create your own website and your own app connected to your POS system.

✓ We provide you with a complete system to digitally engage & retain your customers.

✓ We offer agile and fluid support for when you need any help.

pedidos online banzzu
Sloppy Joe's
“We had been looking for a solution like Banzzu’s for a long time and we are delighted.”

Alfonso Puntas – Sloppy Joe’s

Sushi 81
“We wanted to offer online ordering but we didn’t want to pay commissions. Banzzu seemed like the best option and today, we see that we were right.”

Taizo Wakita – Sushi81

Burguer Jardin
“A simple and intuitive app! A good way to digitize your restaurant, totally recommended! It is the next step that any business has to take.”

Fernando Gálvez – Burger Jardín

What kind of orders can you offer?
  • Delivery orders
  • Take away orders
  • Orders from each restaurant’s table

All of this online, without commissions, with content and options that you can modify any time from your own control panel, as well as choosing how far the delivery goes, how much you charge per order, waiting times, etc.

Best of all, all linked to your POS.


How to register your restaurant?

  1. Click the Start for Free button
  2. Register by filling in the form
  3. Configure and customise your menu
  4. Decide which orders you want to accept
  5. Configure your payment methods and…

Enjoy unlimited online ordering, no commissions and integrated loyalty tools!

Banzzu step by step

– The customer enters the menu and chooses what he/she wants.

– He will confirm in the shopping cart and pay.

– The money will go through your choosed payment gateway directly to you, without intermediaries or commissions from us.

pasarelas de pago

– The order will automatically arrive at your POS and your dashboard with all the details.

– The customer will automatically be notified that their order is confirmed and in process.

– Finally, it will be ready for the customer to pick it up, or for the waiter to take it to the table, or for your delivery driver to go out and deliver it.

What does the press say about Banzzu?

Cinco días

“Banzzu captures 550 restaurants with its delivery tool.”

Cinco Días

El periódico

“Banzzu: digitalization as a lifeline for the hospitality industry.”

El Periódico


“The startup looking to fill Glovo and Uber Eats void in the wake of the Rider Act.”


El referente

“Banzzu, the software that allows the restaurant to have its own app/ website and full delivery service.”

El Referente


“Banzzu digitalises the restaurant including full delivery service.”


Some of the restaurants that already trust in us

Dallas pizzeria
Cuco asian food
One sushi
Sloppy Joe's
oshiro suhi
alto chegu
burguer jardin
sushi 81
TFC Americana
frenchy tacos
clientes banzzu
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Still have doubts?

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