A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when you access certain Web pages. Cookies allow a website, among other things, to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or their equipment and, depending on the information they contain and the way they use their equipment, they can be used to recognize the user.

The website of BANZZU, S.L. uses its own and third-party cookies, all in the domain “banzzu.com / banzzu.com/es/”


1.- Types of cookies, depending on the entity that manages them:

a) Own Cookies: are those that are sent to the user’s terminal equipment from a computer or domain managed by the publisher itself and from which the service requested by the user is provided.

b) Third-party cookies: These are those that are sent to the user’s terminal equipment from a computer or domain that is not managed by the publisher, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through cookies.

2.- Types of cookies, according to their purpose:

a) Technical Cookies: These are those that allow the user to navigate through the website, platform or application and the use of the different options or services that exist in it.

b) Analysis Cookies: These are those that allow the person responsible for these, the monitoring and analysis of the behavior of the users of the websites to which they are linked.

c) Personalization cookies: These cookies store information on user behavior obtained through the registration of their browsing habits, which allows the development of a specific profile to offer commercial information adapted to their tastes and preferences. They store information such as connection type, language, browsing patterns, or location.

d) Behavioral advertising cookies: These are those that store information on the behavior of users obtained through the continuous observation of their browsing habits, which allows the development of a specific profile to show advertising based on this.

3.-Types of cookies, according to the period of time they remain activated:

a) Session Cookies: These are those designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page. They are usually used for the provision of the service requested by the user on a single occasion.

b) Persistent Cookies: These are those designed so that the data is still stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed for a period defined by the person responsible for the cookie, and that can range from a few minutes to several years.

COOKIES USED IN www.banzzu.com / www.banzzu.com/es/

__kla_id Third parties 2 years This cookie is used to collect information about visitor behavior. This information is saved for internal use on the site; statistical analyses are used to optimize the sites or for registration if the visitor has subscribed to a newsletter.
_fbp Third parties 3 months Used by Facebook to offer a number of advertising products, such as real-time offers from third-party advertisers.
_ GA Third parties 2 years Used to distinguish users.
_gcl_au Third parties 13 days Used by Google AdSense to experiment with the efficiency of ads on websites
_ GID Third parties 1 day Used to distinguish users.
_hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress Third parties Same day This cookie is used to count the times a website has been visited by different visitors.
_hjTLDTest Third parties Session They are used to measure and analyze the use of the web.
_hjid Third parties 1 year It is used to distinguish the user anonymously.
cookie_notice_accepted Third parties 15 days Cookie for internal use necessary for the operation of the visualization of the cookies policy of the web. This technical cookie allows us to know if you have already been shown the cookie policy notice of our Website so as not to display it again.
Pll_language Third parties 9 months It is a persistent and personalization cookie. It belongs to the WordPress polylang plugin and allows you to save the language in which the site will be displayed to the user.


1.- Why should I allow cookies?

By allowing cookies, you will be able to get a better experience on our website.

In addition, there are some basic actions that require (technical) cookies and that allow the website to develop its functionalities.

2.- What happens if I block cookies?

If you decide to block cookies, it may prevent the proper functioning of some features of the website. This will restrict what you can do in it.

If you accept these limitations and decide to block cookies, please follow the instructions for your browser in the next section.

3.- How can I block or allow cookies?

You can allow, know, block or delete the cookies installed on your computer by configuring the options of the browser installed on your computer.

You can find information on how to do this in the case you use as a browser:

Chrome, from


Explorer, from


Firefox, from


Safari, from


Operate, from



The COMPANY processes your personal data in accordance with those established in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of these data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and LO 3/2018. The information on your personal data, according to article 13 of section 2 of the aforementioned regulation and LO 3/2018, can be consulted here


Cookies on our website are used by:


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