In banzzu we want to help your hospitality business and for this we believe that it is necessary to reinvent itself to adapt to the new demands demanded by customers and technological advances that we are suffering. Digital menus and online ordering have become a key part of this development. Before we continue, let’s define this concept.

What is a digital letter?

It is about using technology to digitize the menu and the menu of your establishment converting it to digital format, through which customers can consult the gastronomic offer from their own cell phone using the camera to scan a QR code and in cases such as the software offered by Banzzu, they can also order and pay through the same. The advantage of this new concept: it does not require the installation of any application.

Interactive online menu

In Banzzu we trust in the first impression, considering it as the most important, so we give you the opportunity to include, completely free of charge, our services, this new concept of interactive menu, which also serves to whet the appetite of your guests. We can customize and include descriptions, images, extras, allergens among others, making it a simple, safe and convenient way to offer your menu to your customers.

Among the main advantages of this new concept of interactive digital menu we find:

  • It avoids contact
  • It is updated in real time
  • You do not spend money on printing
  • You can consult it from any digital device
  • You can consult it at any time
  • It speeds up the waiters’ work
  • Speeds up the customer’s decision making
  • Collections under control at all times

What is the difference of Banzzu?

Banzzu not only digitizes the menu of your restaurant, but also offers you an easy and intuitive control panel from which you can easily control all your menus. It is a simple control panel with the possibility of self-management.

In short, everything points to the fact that over time, the Digital Menu has become, and continues to position itself as an indispensable digital element in any business related to the hospitality industry, and although there is a great debate around this issue as technologically it will continue to take steps to improve, it is time to take the plunge.

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