As the restaurant venture develops and the delivery service becomes more important, new needs begin to arise. At this point, the dilemma of hiring an own fleet, or one that is carried by third parties, comes into play.

Before moving on, at Banzzu we have talked many times about the delivery service, but now we share with you its advantages.

Delivery or home delivery service has become the fashionable service after the situation caused by the Covid-19. A system that has managed to be the lifeline of most catering companies in Spain, allowing them to continue providing service and making profits. But to this, in addition to the fact that society has less and less time, generating changes in food trends, coupled with a boom in technology.

Main advantages of the delivery service

  • Increased volume of customers
  • Profitability and increased sales
  • Business visibility, increasing the reach to new customers.
  • Sustainability and growth
  • Brand image, as it conveys your personality
  • Digitalization and automation of processes

However, the option of offering delivery service also has disadvantages in hiring delivery drivers, most of them related to the cost of the services. Among them, we highlight a few:

  • New personnel represents a high fixed cost for the company.
  • It is necessary to have someone responsible for managing the new employees.
  • It is a constant source of expenses for employees
  • Maintenance and cost of vehicles

Faced with this, the solution is not to avoid this increasingly demanded service, but to look for new companies that reduce costs.

There are also online platforms such as the well-known food delivery marketplaces like Glovo, Deliveroo, or Uber Eats among others, which charge high commissions of up to 30 or 40% for offering you their self-employed delivery drivers. But you end up paying the same, or even more than if they were your employees, apart from the fact that you feel like you are sharing 40% of your business and income with a third party.

Therefore, Banzzu’s goal is to become the complete online ordering solution with NO commissions, including the problem that arises around the distribution of products.

What solution does Banzzu offer?

Banzzu, following its policy of fixed costs WITHOUT commissions, in order to control your business expenses month by month, allows you to have the delivery drivers you need on an hourly basis to provide home delivery service to your customers, having the capacity and flexibility that any restaurant wants to have, without having to spend time looking for a specific fleet for this purpose, assuming the costs that this entails.

The restaurant will pay only for the hours of use needed, having total control over the delivery drivers during the service and having as a result, an optimization in the management of deliveries.