The COVID-19 pandemic has swept us all away, causing many businesses to close. But it has also served as an impetus for many others to change their perspective and adapt to the digital environment.

The European Union has approved a 2021-2027 budget that will help rebuild and support investment in digital transition.

The one that concerns us in particular is the Next Generation Recovery Fund, which seeks to boost new technologies and the digitization of businesses.

What are the strategies?

Next Generation will allow, in addition to a rapid recovery, to emerge stronger from the pandemic by transforming the economy and creating new opportunities and jobs in Europe.

It is presented as a long-term mechanism, which will increase flexibility mechanisms to ensure the ability to cope with unforeseen events as they arise.

From Banzzu we want to encourage you to digitize your business because, thanks to the help of these funds, it can be done in a less costly and more environmentally friendly way. Moreover, digitalization is nowadays a sine qua non action. It is time to adapt or die.

Best of all, anyone can benefit. At Banzzu we help you search for funding calls for proposals, obtain the necessary general information on procedures and funding programs, and apply online.

What better reason to make the leap to the digital environment? Make your business more profitable and digital, thanks to these European funds.

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