What is a payment platform?

A payment platform is a service provider that authorizes payments to e-commerce businesses, offering a secure experience between the virtual store and the final buyer.

The main purpose of a payment platform is to function as a payment gateway, through which the customer can execute a transaction by credit or debit card without compromising the security of their accounts.


How does it work?

The operation of a payment platform is simple and intuitive. 

First, the customer enters his card details in the space provided by the platform. Once inserted, the customer’s browser encrypts the data and proceeds to send it to the store where the purchase is being made. 

In an encrypted and totally secure manner, the customer’s data is incorporated into the store’s payment platform. 

Once these steps have been completed, the payment platform and the banks of the seller and the customer are in contact. After a series of checks and information exchange, the payment is made. 

Although it may seem a complicated and convoluted operation, the reality is that the process only takes a few seconds. 

Online Payment Banzzu


Features of a good payment platform

The payment method of an online store is one of the most important elements and, as such, should not be neglected. This is because the customer always finishes his checkout process by using the platform to pay.

Therefore, just as you focus on optimizing all the elements that make up the business, the payment platform should not be left behind.

A good payment platform has to meet a series of requirements for an excellent customer experience:

  • -Be intuitive and simple.
  • -Good design.
  • -To have a good security protocol.
  • -Transmit confidence.
  • -Do not redirect to other pages without notifying the customer.

Payment platforms integrated in Banzzu: Stripe and Redsys


Banzzu currently works with Stripe, one of the most integrated online payment platforms on the market, along with Paypal. 

Stripe has a very simple payment procedure, whereby the money goes directly from the customer’s account to the restaurant’s account. Banzzu stays out of this process.

A process that is carried out as follows: the restaurant creates a Stripe account (using a step-by-step guide provided) that it links to the control panel. In this way, payments from the restaurant’s customers are transferred to the business’s Stripe account and, subsequently, to the bank that has been selected. 

As for the platform’s commissions, Stripe charges its customers a 1.4% commission for each transaction and a fixed 0.25 cents.

Stripe Banzzu



Banzzu offers another payment system: Redsys. This is the general collection platform in Spain with which all banks work.

The payment execution process is similar to the previous platform: the money passes directly from the restaurant customer to the restaurant itself.

As for commissions, in this case they are reduced to 0.3%.


Redsys Banzzu


In conclusion, payment platforms are an essential phase in the customer’s purchasing process. Therefore, it must be treated with the importance it requires, since it can determine whether the customer will purchase products from that business again.

In this sense, Banzzu works with two of the most famous payment platforms in the market, Stripe and Redsys, both of which offer a simple and intuitive experience. In addition, the customer is offered the possibility to choose between one or the other.





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