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Consumer habits have changed and the trend of online ordering food is expected to grow by 20% per year until 2030.

Some platforms such as Deliveroo, Just Eat or Glovo are the most used by restaurateurs to offer consumers this type of orders.

But… what about commissions? Did you know that most of these platforms have commissions for each order of more than 30%?

Banzzu is the ideal alternative to the commissions that are stifling the hospitality sector.

Delivery orders

There is no place your restaurant can’t reach, manage your delivery orders and reach further.

Orders form the table

Provide a better experience for your customers in the venue by managing all the tables and receiving their orders online.

Take away orders

Have all orders ready for collection in record time thanks to order management.

What are the advantages of doing these orders with Banzzu?

Advantages of delivery orders

Increase the volume of orders without increasing the space of your restaurant.

✓ Reach customers who don’t feel like leaving the room to go out to eat.

✓ You can deliver yourself or use hourly delivery riders to deliver the food.

✓ Receive the order directly at your POS, app or dashboard.

✓ You don’t pay the abusive commissions imposed by the big delivery platforms.

Advantages of orders from the table

✓ The customer does not have to wait to be served to order or to pay.

Increases impulsive ordering as the customer can order at any time without waiting.

Increases table turnover as the customer pays at the moment he/she orders without waiting.

✓ Receive the order directly at your POS, app or control panel with the specific table number.

Reduces the cost of menus every time you have to modify a dish or price.

Reduce the cost of personnel as the customer orders and pays from their device.

Advantages of take away orders

Increase the volume of orders without the need to increase the space of your restaurant.

✓ The customer can order from wherever they want and pick up the order when it is ready.

✓ Reach customers who don’t have time to cook and they eat away from home.

✓ You don’t need to have delivery riders, but you still offer online ordering.

✓ Receive the order directly at your POS, app or control panel.

How do you receive the orders and the revenue?

Receiving the orders

Once the customer places the order, you will receive the order directly at your POS, which we will have previously configured at no cost. If you do not use POS, we will also provide you with a commander application and a dashboard where you will see all the information of the order, as well as the information of the user and their order history with you at no additional cost.

Once you receive the order and accept it, the customer is automatically notified that the order is in progress and its estimated time.

online orders without commissions banzzu

Receiving the revenue

One of the first steps after registering at Banzzu and switching to payment plans to enable orders, is to configure which payment gateway you prefer to use. Here you can choose between Redsys or Stripe. Each has its pros and cons.

Once everything is set up and you start receiving orders, the process is very simple. The money will pass directly from the customer to you, without going through us as it happens with the big delivery companies, where they keep their commissions. It is only with Stripe when the money goes to their platform before arriving to you.

It is a very simple and secure process, each of these payment gateways have the most advanced methods in online security.

payment gateway orders online without commissions

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