Your own app for online orders

Imagine having your own application for your restaurant
and do not pay the high development costs

Can you imagine having an app exclusively for your business?

This is already happening at Banzzu. We create your app for iOS and Android so that your customers are always up to date with everything that happens in your restaurant.

It is connected to your dashboard, so you can modify anything yourself in a very simple and intuitive way.

Would you like to see what your application could look like? Download our test application below.

Build customer loyalty
with exclusive offers

See all the features your app could have

demo of own app personalised for online ordering


Create and promote events for your clients.


Show how you look like inside and out with images of your business, customers and team.

Reward System

Reward your customers through a point system to repeat the experience.

Loyalty Card

Keep your customers happy by thanking them with the loyalty card. 


Organize original competitions for all users of the app.


Don’t forget to share special offers to attract new customers to your restaurant.


Allow your customers to book their table from the App, getting a better organization in your place.


Attract your customers’ attention and let them know about upcoming promotions or events.

Some of the things you will be able to do with your app

✓ Offer home delivery, take-away, or on-site ordering.

✓ Implement strategies such as raffles, rewards, or loyalty cards to increase retention.

✓ 2-for-1 couple’s dinner? Incentivise your offers.

✓ Opening another location? Announce the event so everyone knows about it!

✓ Send push notifications whenever you want to remind your customers that YOU are the best option.

✓ Show off your delicious dishes, your business or what a great team you are in the photo gallery.

See what’s going on in your app on the dashboard

analytics own app for online ordering

Analytics that are not boring

Analytics system
customized for you

Control your costs, analyze your customers’ behaviour, segment your audiences and much more with the analytics system designed especially for your business. 
Optimize your restaurant by evaluating your results!

graphics for own personalised app for online ordering

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